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Six Sigma is a management approach meant to improve the quality of products or services by eliminating the variation that causes defects and errors. MindEdge offers comprehensive Six Sigma training and certification based on the DMAIC quality process model. Courses are 100% web-based, affordable, easy to navigate, and interactive with games, case studies, and assessment questions.

The image displays a pyramid shape. The top of the pyramid is Black Belt. Black Belt practitioners spend the majority of their time managing Green Belts. The middle of the pyramid is Green Belt. Green Belt practitioners spend the majority of their time executing Six Sigma projects. The bottom of the pyramid is Yellow Belt. Yellow Belt practitioners spend part of their time supporting Green Belts and part of their time in another organizational role.



Through the Ask the Expert feature, learners can submit content-related questions and receive feedback within 24 hours. For students seeking black belt certification, MindEdge’s Black Belt Review Panel assesses project completeness. MindEdge Six Sigma certification requires renewal every 3 years.

MindEdge’s Quality Council ensures the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and relevance of MindEdge’s Six Sigma, Lean, and Lean Six Sigma courses, certifications, and processes.



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