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MindEdge launches Nonprofit Skills™ certificate in Communications

MindEdge launches Nonprofit Skills™ certificate in Communications

BOSTON, MA (January 31, 2024) –
MindEdge Learning, the innovative online learning firm, today announced the launch of the Nonprofit Skills™ for Leaders: Nonprofit Communications Certificate, a new certificate program designed to help learners become more effective nonprofit leaders by strengthening their communication skills.

The Nonprofit Communications Certificate program is designed to provide learners with a solid foundation in basic communication skills, with specific applications to the varied audiences that nonprofits speak to on a regular basis. “The ability to communicate effectively is a must for today’s nonprofit leaders,” said Jennifer Adams, managing director of the MindEdge skills brands. “With so many organizations competing for public attention and resources—and with so many communication channels available to them—successful nonprofit leaders must know how to cut through the noise and deliver their message clearly and concisely.”

For today’s nonprofits, successful communication begins with the organization’s mission. According to Fidelity Charitable, “the most fundamental quality of an effective nonprofit is clarity about its mission—both what it seeks to accomplish and why this purpose is important.” To achieve that clarity, “the nonprofit should communicate its mission clearly to all its stakeholders—board, staff, donors, volunteers, partners, and the general public—so that everyone understands its goals and works toward a common purpose.”

The Nonprofit Communications Certificate will provide nonprofit leaders and aspiring leaders with a solid understanding of fundamental communication principles, as well as practical advice on how to develop successful communi

    cation strategies for different audiences. Each course includes several case studies that ask learners to apply what they have learned to specific, real-world situations.

    The certificate program comprises five courses, totaling 15 hours of instruction:

    • Communication Styles
    • Communicating with Staff
    • Communicating with Volunteers
    • Communicating with Your Board
    • Communicating with the Public

    Upon successfully completing these courses, with a score of at least 70% on each course’s final exam, the learner will be awarded the Nonprofit Skills™: Nonprofit Communications certificate, which includes a Digital Badge.

    All courses are self-paced, highly interactive online learning experiences that are ideal for individual learners. But the courses are also well-suited for use as a self-contained organizational training program.

    “This new certificate program covers all aspects of nonprofit communications, including communications planning and strategy,” said Brad Neuenhaus, chief business officer of MindEdge Learning. “At the organizational level, the Nonprofit Communications Certificate can be used to train all members of the nonprofit’s leadership team, to ensure a consistent strategic approach to every communications effort. At the same time, high-quality skills training has also emerged as a valued employee benefit that can help organizations attract and retain top talent.”

    Nonprofit Communications is the second certificate program that MindEdge has launched under its new Nonprofit Skills™ brand. Last May, the company launched the Nonprofit Skills™ for Board Members: Board Fundamentals Certificate , a seven-course program that focuses on critical skills for nonprofit board members, including fundraising, strategic planning, and financial oversight.

    No previous certifications or experience are required to take the courses. For more details on Nonprofit Skills™, the two certificate programs, and corporate solutions to help your organization strengthen its leadership skills, visit the Nonprofit Skills™ website.

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    About Nonprofit Skills™
    Nonprofit Skills™ and the Nonprofit Skills™ certificates provide new and aspiring nonprofit leaders with the critical skills they need to further their organization’s mission—including strategic planning, fundraising, communication, financial oversight, and performance evaluation. Backed by MindEdge Learning’s extensive experience in providing high-quality skills training in management, leadership, and business operations, Nonprofit Skills™ is designed to strengthen the skills of those who work so hard to strengthen our communities. For more information, go to the Nonprofit Skills™ website.

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