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MindEdge Learning Launches Leadership Assessment

MindEdge Learning Launches Leadership Assessment

BOSTON, MA (Dec. 17, 2019) — Leaders in business, academia, and other fields can now rate their leadership strengths and weaknesses – and see how they stack up against their peers – with MindEdge Learning’s new online Leadership Assessment tool, which the edtech firm launched today.

The assessment tool, based on research by leadership experts and academics, asks respondents to agree or disagree with 72 statements about work-related behaviors and attitudes. The statements cover six key leadership skills: General Leadership; Vision; Ethics; Communication; Managing Change and Conflict; and Emotional Intelligence.

The test results allow respondents to see which skill areas they’ve already mastered, as well as the areas in which they could use improvement. The test’s diagnostic output also compares respondents’ results with those of other leaders.

“Leadership is a skill that’s essential for success in virtually every field – but most people have trouble defining what leadership really is,” said Jefferson Flanders, president and CEO of MindEdge. “Our Leadership Assessment tool helps leaders and aspiring leaders gain a clearer understanding of these six key components of leadership, and identify where they might need to improve their own leadership skills.”

The Leadership Assessment is available through MindEdge’s learning partners as well as through Skye Learning, a division of MindEdge that focuses on individual learners.

In addition to helping established leaders gauge their own abilities, the assessment tool can assistemployees to gain the leadership skills that will help them advance their careers. “Recent research shows that leadership is one of the crucial soft skills that employers are looking for,” said Sandra Slager, president of Skye Learning. “Any worker who’s looking to move up the career ladder ought to be thinking about ways to gain and strengthen fundamental leadership skills.”

The Leadership Assessment can be completed in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Development of the test was based on research insights from leadership experts, and the final bank of 72 questions was reviewed by a panel of academics, editors, executives with business and nonprofit experience, and an educational assessment consultant.

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