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MindEdge Learning launches Nonprofit Skills® certificate in Strategic Planning

MindEdge Learning launches Nonprofit Skills® certificate in Strategic Planning

BOSTON, MA (July 9, 2024) –
MindEdge Learning, the innovative online learning and technology firm, today announced the launch of the Nonprofit Skills®: Strategic Planning Certificate, a new certificate program designed to help learners develop and implement strategic plans to advance their organization’s mission. The Nonprofit Skills® brand, powered by MindEdge, provides affordable and flexible online training in the skills that are most in demand among today’s nonprofit leaders.

The Strategic Planning Certificate program is designed to provide learners with a solid understanding of the strategic planning process, as well as practice in applying that knowledge to real-world situations. “In the nonprofit world, success doesn’t just happen—you need to have a plan,” said Jennifer Adams, vice president of marketing for MindEdge Learning. “With so many organizations competing for public attention and resources, strategic planning is an absolutely essential skill for every nonprofit leader.”

The need for high-quality training in nonprofit strategic planning is clear. The nonprofit sector is an enormous economic engine: according to the National Council of Nonprofits, nonprofit organizations employ 12.3 million people and spend close to a trillion dollars a year on goods and services. But many nonprofit leaders have no formal training in strategic planning to guide that economic engine. And high rates of turnover in nonprofit leadership positions, triggered by the retirement of the Baby Boom generation, mean there is a whole new generation of nonprofit leaders just starting out on the job—all of whom could benefit from high-quality skills training.

The Strategic Planning Certificate will provide nonprofit leaders and aspiring leaders with in-depth knowledge of the strategic planning process, as well as detailed advice on how to put their strategic plan into place and measure its results. Each intermediate-level course includes several case studies that ask learners to apply what they have learned to specific, real-world situations.

The certificate program comprises five courses, totaling 15 hours of instruction:

  • Establishing Mission and Vision
  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Implementing the Strategy
  • Measuring Results
  • Communicating the Strategy

Upon successfully completing these courses, with a score of at least 70% on each course’s final exam, the learner will be awarded the Nonprofit Skills®: Strategic Planning Certificate, which includes a Digital Badge.

All courses are self-paced, highly interactive online learning experiences that are ideal for individual learners. But the courses are also well-suited for use as a self-contained organizational training program.

“This new certificate program addresses all aspects of nonprofit strategic planning, including implementation, measurement, and communication,” said Bob Maginn, CEO of MindEdge Learning. “A nonprofit can use the Strategic Planning Certificate program to train all members of its leadership team, to ensure a consistent strategic approach throughout the organization. In addition, this program embodies the sort of high-quality skills training that can help organizations attract and retain top talent.”

Nonprofit Strategic Planning is the third certificate program that MindEdge has launched under its new Nonprofit Skills® brand. In May 2023, the company launched the Nonprofit Skills® for Board Members: Board Fundamentals Certificate, a seven-course program that focuses on critical skills for nonprofit board members, including fundraising, strategic planning, and financial oversight. In January 2024, MindEdge launched the Nonprofit Skills®: Nonprofit Communications Certificate, a five-course program designed to help learners become more effective nonprofit leaders by strengthening their communication skills.

No previous certifications or experience are required to take the courses. For more details on Nonprofit Skills®, the three certificate programs, and corporate solutions to help your organization strengthen its leadership skills, visit the Nonprofit Skills website®.

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About Nonprofit Skills®
Nonprofit Skills® and the Nonprofit Skills® certificates provide new and aspiring nonprofit leaders with the critical skills they need to further their organization’s mission—including strategic planning, fundraising, communication, financial oversight, and performance evaluation. Backed by MindEdge Learning’s extensive experience in providing high-quality skills training in management, leadership, and business operations, Nonprofit Skills® is designed to strengthen the skills of those who work so hard to strengthen our communities. For more information, go to the Nonprofit Skills website®.

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