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MindEdge Report Video Channel Launched

MindEdge Report Video Channel Launched

MindEdge Report Video Channel Launched

January 1, 2016

MindEdge has launched The MindEdge Report, a video channel featuring interviews and commentary from the academic and management experts consulted by the company for its courses and simulations. The website can be accessed at mindedgereport.com.

“We see The MindEdge Report as a way to share some of the fascinating interviews and man-on-the-street segments that our videographers are creating,” said Jefferson Flanders, CEO and president of MindEdge. “Our mission is to help the world learn better, and we see this channel as contributing to that.”

The MindEdge Report features brief interviews from business leaders and professionals, man-on-the-street segments, and commentary from academic and management experts. Topics include management and leadership, career and professional development, innovation and creativity, information technology, and learning theory.

“We want The MindEdge Report to inform and engage viewers,” Flanders said. “And we hope they’ll share what they find with their friends and colleagues.”

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