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Supply Chain Management Basics Course Offered

Supply Chain Management Basics Course Offered

Supply Chain Management Basics Course Offered

June 24, 2015

MindEdge Learning now offers Supply Chain Management Basics, an online course that introduces the core concepts and components of supply chain management, including supplier evaluation, logistics, inventory management, and other supply chain practices.

This three-module self-paced online course is available on MindEdge Online and through selected training partners and institutions of higher education.

As the supply chain grows in complexity, and companies increasingly source products and services from a more diverse and global set of suppliers, the job of managing the processes that ensure the steady and reliable flow of components and inputs has never been more difficult.

Supply Chain Management Basics offers learners instructional material that explains the key strategic drivers of effective supply chain management. Information is presented in an easy-to-understand format, with interactive and integrative exercises to help learners better understand the foundational elements of managing the supply chain.

Case studies provide real-world advice and counsel for participants, while educational aids and review assignments assist in the comprehension and retention of course material, to ensure proficiency and mastery of critical knowledge and information.

The course includes video, vocabulary games, flashcards, and other interactive exercises to help students master the material.

After successful completion, students can receive 10 PDUs/contact hours. Successful completion means completing all assignments in the course, and scoring a minimum of 70% on the course assessment.

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