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“Negotiation at Work” Joins At Work Network

November 29, 2007

Negotiation at Work, a learning resource designed to improve negotiating skills, has become the latest addition to MindEdge’s At Work Network.

Negotiation at Work joins the At Work Network websites: Communication at Work,
Creativity at Work,
Leadership at Work,
Management at Work,
Transitions at Work,
and the At Work Newswire.

Negotiation at Work will focus on negotiation in organizational settings, with content about negotiating skills and tactics, resolving disputes, negotiating in an ethical manner, crafting effective outcomes, and arriving at compromise. Negotiation at Work will feature content from MindEdge, advice from practitioners and academic experts, and links to timely negotiation articles and expert websites.

As with the other At Work Network sites, Negotiation at Work does not include advertising, although sponsorship of the site may be considered in the future.

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For more information on the Negotiation at Work website, contact Jefferson Flanders, President of MindEdge, at 781-250-1805, or email jflanders@mindedge.com.