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InScribe and MindEdge Create Innovative New Paths for Student Engagement and Support Within Digital Courseware Experience

InScribe and MindEdge Create Innovative New Paths for Student Engagement and Support Within Digital Courseware Experience

Interactive Spaces Expand Opportunities for Learners to Connect, Get Help, Share Ideas, and Re-Engage Following Course Completion

March 2, 2023 – Denver, CO and Boston, MA – InScribe, which delivers game-changing digital community solutions, has partnered with MindEdge Learning, the cutting-edge online learning firm, to boost student engagement and support in MindEdge’s courseware. Digital communities open new doors for learners to connect, ask questions, and explore the curriculum in new ways.

“The addition of fully formed digital communities, integrated directly within our courseware, gives learners a much more dynamic way to interact and connect,” said Chris Edwards, SVP of Strategy and Partnerships at MindEdge Learning. “With InScribe, we’re able to expand peer-to-peer activity like never before. Our learners can be in the moment with each other, and they are able to collaborate and connect at every stage of their education process.”

InScribe’s digital community platform is available to learners in MindEdge’s PMSkills® PMSCP™ Certification, and to selected institutions that have adopted MindEdge’s general education core curriculum. The digital communities are integrated directly into the MindEdge learning path, offering students instant access to a community of experts and peers, a place to find context-specific resources, and the ability to ask targeted questions about their coursework anytime, anywhere.

“There is such a strong correlation between learner engagement and learner success, and we really wanted to create a place where our learners could find a community to connect and engage with,” said Jennifer Adams, Managing Director, Skills Brands at MindEdge. “The PM Skills® courses have a strong focus on the development of interpersonal skills, which are continually evolving as you practice them. Being able to communicate with others who have completed or are taking the same courses—to ask questions, offer advice, share real-world experiences—is invaluable, and it brings a new level of support and learning that continues even after they’ve completed their certification. InScribe is helping us create that community and enabling us to provide that additional value to our learners.”

InScribe’s experience in higher education makes its platform a natural fit with MindEdge’s courseware. The two companies share a similar approach to tailored engagement and support, both prioritizing ease of use and powerful learning experiences. Through InScribe’s integration with MindEdge, help is only a click away, and posts are easily shareable and searchable so learners can see what their peers are asking and how they are responding and helping each other.

“The flexibility of MindEdge’s digital courseware allows learners to explore content and master skills in a way that best meets their personal and professional needs,” said Katy Kappler, CEO of InScribe. “The MindEdge team understands that having community as part of the courseware experience is incredibly important to today’s learners. These interactive spaces empower learners to practice and discover concepts and activities together while being able to rely on and support each other when questions arise.”

About InScribe
InScribe is a digital student support platform that leverages the power of community and artificial intelligence to connect students with the answers, resources, and individuals they need to succeed. InScribe’s digital communities cut across the traditional support silos in higher education, giving students a single place to turn when they need help—no matter the topic or time of day. Students benefit from on-demand, peer-to-peer, and student-to-expert collaboration which helps them feel more connected, increasing student engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Learn more about InScribe at https://www.inscribeapp.com/.

About MindEdge Learning
MindEdge’s mission is to improve the way the world learns. Since its founding in 1998 by Harvard and MIT educators, the company has served some 4 million learners. With a focus on digital-first learning resources—from academic courseware to professional development courses—MindEdge’s approach to best practices in online education focuses on learners’ needs across the spectrum of higher education, professional development, skills training, and continuing education. Learn more at https://mindedge.com/.

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