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MindEdge Learning Is Now Climate Neutral Certified

MindEdge Learning Is Now Climate Neutral Certified

BOSTON, MA (January 24, 2023) –

MindEdge Learning is proud to announce that it is officially Climate Neutral Certified. The company joins the growing movement of brands achieving the Climate Neutral Certified standard by measuring its 2021 greenhouse gas emissions, purchasing eligible verified carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions in the future.

Climate Neutral Certified is the leading consumer label for climate neutrality. It is carried by brands that have chosen to be accountable for the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production, operations, and shipping of their goods and services.

“MindEdge has sought for decades to reduce the environmental impact of educating millions of learners, through its delivery of online courses and simulations,” said Jefferson Flanders, president and CEO of MindEdge. “We’ve reaffirmed that commitment by becoming Climate Neutral Certified.”

“Climate Neutral Certified companies show the world that immediate action on climate change is possible and essential,” said Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral. “The newly certified brands joining us—as well as current brands achieving recertification— are leading the way by recognizing that climate change must be solved. They believe that all companies should take immediate voluntary action to address their carbon emissions, and they are engaging their consumers around this important issue like never before.”

Climate Neutral’s certification builds on internationally recognized standards for carbon measurement and neutrality. All certified brands must measure cradle-to-customer greenhouse gas emissions each year to maintain certification. Then a brand must buy eligible verified carbon credits to compensate for all of their emissions, directing investment into critical projects that remove and avoid emissions from energy, industry, and natural systems. Finally, brands must commit to reduction action plans to cut future emissions within a 12 – 24 month timeline, reporting progress on those plans annually.

MindEdge joins the increasing ranks of companies treating carbon emissions like their business. Together, Climate Neutral Certified brands are making an impact on climate action right now, working to eliminate more than 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2022.

About MindEdge Learning

MindEdge’s mission is to improve the way the world learns. Since its founding in 1998 by Harvard and MIT educators, the company has served some 4 million learners. With a focus on digital-first learning resources—from academic courseware to professional development courses—MindEdge’s approach to best practices in online education focuses on learners’ needs across the spectrum of higher education, professional development, skills training, and continuing education.

About Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working with brands and consumers to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Its label, Climate Neutral Certified, is a trusted, independent standard for climate neutrality. It is earned by brands who measure, offset, and reduce the emissions from making and delivering products and services to customers. Climate Neutral’s goal is to motivate consumers to get more brands to take immediate and measurable action against the climate crisis. To learn more, visit climateneutral.org.