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MindEdge Adds Security Awareness and Other Cybersecurity Courses

MindEdge Adds Security Awareness and Other Cybersecurity Courses

MindEdge Adds Security Awareness and Other Cybersecurity Courses

July 12, 2017

MindEdge Learning has added more courses to its online cybersecurity offerings, including a Security Awareness course designed to help employees deal with cyber threats in the workplace.

Cybersecurity is the protection of data and personally identifiable information from malicious attacks, theft, and destruction. Failures of cybersecurity policies, both in large corporations and governmental agencies, have earned significant visibility and negative publicity in recent months and years. As the amount of data being stored continues to increase, and as hackers become more sophisticated, the need for cybersecurity is greater than ever.

These new courses will be available on MindEdge Online and through selected training partners and institutions of higher education.

Security Awareness

This hands-on introductory course is designed to help individuals to secure their computers, network, email, and other tools in today’s work environment. The course exposes learners to varying kinds of suspicious online behavior and how to react to it as well as highlighting the risks inherent with using social media and how to mitigate them. It includes games, exercises, quizzes, and video segments featuring real-world scenarios.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Information security has increased in importance as a result of an explosion in digital information and the expansion of computer networks worldwide. Organizations and individuals face unprecedented assaults on their private information, and few know how to properly secure their information. This cybersecurity course introduces the fundamentals of information security and helps students learn through engaging videos, games, and animated content.

Cloud Cybersecurity Scenarios

The Cloud Cybersecurity Scenarios course is a suite of five two-module courses designed to teach students about all aspects of cybersecurity in cloud-computing environments. The courses generally align with the (ISC)2 content for the Certified Cloud Security Practitioner exam. Each course features instructional content followed by scenarios in which learners apply their knowledge.

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