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New Business, Academic Courses Launched

New Business, Academic Courses Launched

New Business, Academic Courses Launched

September 29, 2017

MindEdge Learning has added to its growing course library, including three higher education courses (Reading for English Language Learners, Strategies for Student Success, and Introduction to Business) and professional development courses (The Manager’s Guide to Information Technology, Social Media Marketing, and a test preparation course for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) certification).

These new courses will be available on MindEdge Online and through selected training partners and institutions of higher education.

New Academic Courses

Reading for English Language Learners. This course is designed to lead multi-lingual students through the processes, tools, and skills that comprise active reading. The course introduces students to the concept of active reading as not simply a concept but as a series of practical, applicable steps and an application of critical thinking skills. Using a narrative learning structure, students are led through what it means to actively read before, while, and after they read a college-level text.

Strategies for Student Success. Being a successful student involves more than getting a perfect score on a test. It entails self-reflection, the motivation to learn, the careful application of tools and strategies to specific tasks, critical thinking skills, and mental and emotional strength in the face of challenges. This course provides tips and strategies to help students achieve success in their educational endeavors. It covers such topics as how to gain confidence, set goals, manage your time, think and read critically, take notes, manage stress, and handle test anxiety.

Introduction to Business. This comprehensive course covers both current business practices while offering a closer look at the fundamentals of business. It explores owning and operating a business, leadership and management, human resources management, marketing and social media, information systems, accounting, and finance. The course includes a consideration of
ethics and social responsibility and global issues. Case studies and video segments from experienced business professionals provide real-world context. Review assignments help learners comprehend and retain key concepts.

New Professional Development Courses

The Manager’s Guide to Information Technology. Designed to help managers develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts and technologies that they will encounter in the information technology (IT) field, this course includes an exploration of big data, cloud implementations, and mobile computing. Learners will combine these with business concepts in order to better inform business decisions. Examples of real-world cases involving IT security and other relevant topics are also incorporated to further expand a learner’s knowledge of IT. Also, certifications and careers in IT are introduced with explanations of each in this crucially important field.

Social Media Marketing. This course focuses on teaching the principles, best practices, and strategies for incorporating social media into a marketing plan. It explores the various ways that social media can be used for marketing, including defining a clear brand voice, improving reputation, and engaging with customers. Further, learners are taught how to integrate their social media with mobile, a hub website, and email marketing. They also learn how to use strategic metrics for tracking success.

Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) Exam Prep. This course will prepare students for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) and Associate Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) Certification exams. It contains two full-length practice exams, an array of study tips, and six modules corresponding to the six functional areas addressed in the exams: Business Management and Strategy; Workforce Planning and Employment; Human Resource Development; Compensation and Benefits; Employee and Labor Relations; and Risk Management.

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