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MindEdge launches Agile Improvement Simulation

MindEdge launches Agile Improvement Simulation

A new online simulation for Agile project leaders refines skills

BOSTON, MA (February 28, 2022) –

Edtech firm MindEdge Learning today announced the launch of its Agile Improvement Simulation: SaaSy Corporation, an online simulation course designed to challenge and refine the skills of Agile project leaders.

Like MindEdge’s other cutting-edge simulations, Agile Improvement Simulation focuses on the application of previously learned skills and concepts. It presents learners with real-world situations and asks them to draw on their knowledge, experience, and judgment to make a series of decisions. Each decision triggers a different set of potential outcomes, and learners are graded on the results of every decision they make.

In the course, the learner is “hired” as an Agile coach by the fictional SaaSy Corporation, which wants to make the transformation from traditional Waterfall project management techniques to the more flexible Agile approach. Over the course of the 10-hour simulation, learners are presented with common Agile problems and are asked to resolve each one in a way that maximizes benefit for the corporation.

“No answer is perfect,” said Dan Picard, editorial director for MindEdge’s PM Skills® brand, who oversaw development of the simulation course. “Each decision means improvement in some areas, but causes drawbacks in others. It’s all about tradeoffs—so it gives you training in how the real world works.”

The course features an adaptive scoreboard that reflects the impact of each decision on SaaSy Corporation’s overall success. It also provides “Ask the Expert” interactive support, which allows learners to reach out to subject matter experts for guidance.

MindEdge’s decision to develop the Agile simulation course reflects the growing popularity of Agile techniques and processes. More than 85% of software developers report that they use Agile methodologies, and 71% of all organizations surveyed by the Project Management Institute say that they use Agile techniques at least some of the time.

The simulation is tailored to the individual learner who is already familiar with the basics of Agile project management. But it is also well-suited for use by companies as a tool for assessing and improving the skills of their project-management staff.

“With the growing importance of skills training in today’s job market, employers want the most innovative and sophisticated tools they can find,” said Jefferson Flanders, president and CEO of MindEdge Learning. “Courses like Agile Improvement Simulation can give companies a real competitive edge as they look to attract and retain top-level talent.”

Learners who complete the Agile simulation course earn one IACET Continuing Education Unit. The course is available on two of MindEdge Learning’s brand platforms: MindEdge Online and PM Skills®.

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