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MindEdge launches Frontline Manager™, a new certificate training program for first-level managers

MindEdge launches Frontline Manager™, a new certificate training program for first-level managers

BOSTON, MA (May 31, 2022) – MindEdge Learning, the cutting-edge online learning firm, today announced the launch of Frontline Manager™, a new certificate program designed to train the next generation of first-level managers. The new Frontline Manager™ brand, powered by MindEdge, will provide affordable, flexible, quality training in the skills needed to help learners make the career leap into the ranks of successful frontline managers.

The Frontline Manager™ certificate program builds on MindEdge’s extensive track record of providing high-quality training courses in management, leadership, and business operations. “Frontline managers are crucial to the success of any organization,” said Jennifer Adams, managing director of the MindEdge skills brands. “They are the human representation of the organization’s brand – interacting with customers, speaking to vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing employees. They are, in essence, the company’s strategy in motion. But to help the company get ahead, they need the skills to succeed themselves.”

The need for high-quality frontline management training is clear. According to the Harvard Business Review, frontline managers make up 50% to 60% of the average organization’s management ranks, and directly supervise up to 80% of its workforce. But many of these managers have received little if any formal training in management skills and techniques. On top of that, the high turnover resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the “Great Resignation” means that there is a whole new generation of frontline managers just starting out on the job – all of whom would benefit from high-quality skills training.

The certificate program consists of nine courses that focus on specific management skills, followed by an online simulation that gauges how well learners can apply those skills. Like MindEdge’s other innovative simulation courses, the Frontline Manager™ simulation presents learners with real-world situations and asks them to draw on their knowledge, experience, and judgment to make a series of decisions. Each decision triggers a different set of potential outcomes, and learners are graded on the results of every decision they make.

The courses and simulation are all online and self-paced, allowing learners a high degree of flexibility in how they choose to complete the curriculum.

The Frontline Manager™ program is designed for individual learners, and is specifically aimed at the first-level manager. But it is also well-suited for use as a self-contained organizational training program. “No matter what industry or market they might be in, companies need a strong corps of frontline managers,” said Jefferson Flanders, president and CEO of MindEdge Learning. “Companies that decide to invest in their first-level managers – giving them the skills and training they need to make a real difference in the workplace – will have a clear competitive advantage in the years to come.”

Frontline Manager™ courses will be available online beginning in August 2022. The program includes:

  • Introduction to Supervision
  • Navigating Your Organizational Culture
  • Better Communication
  • Leadership Styles
  • Teams and Groups
  • Coaching
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Time Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Frontline Manager™ Simulation


It is strongly recommended that learners begin with the Introduction to Supervision course and finish with the Frontline Manager™ Simulation. Learners can take the remaining courses in any order they choose.

The complete Frontline Manager™ program comprises an estimated 32 hours of online class time – though these self-paced courses can be completed more quickly. Learners have 12 months to complete the full program. Upon completing all coursework and passing all related assessments, learners will receive the Frontline Manager™ certificate and digital badge.

No previous certifications or experience are required to take the courses. For more details on the Frontline Manager™ certificate program and corporate solutions to help you strengthen your company’s management corps, visit the Frontline Manager™ website.


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About Frontline Manager™
Frontline Manager™ and the Frontline Manager™ certificate provide new and aspiring managers with the fundamental skills needed to succeed in a frontline position – including time management, communication, leadership, and supervision. Backed by MindEdge Learning’s extensive experience in providing high-quality skills training in management, leadership, and business operations, Frontline Manager™ is designed to help those with little or no managerial experience make the leap into a first-level management role.